Is It Possible To Grow Eyelashes?

Is It Possible To Grow Eyelashes Tips

Counted among beauty’s most cherished signatures is having long, fluttering, dark eyelashes. Blessing a few with remarkable lashes, the remaining people should find techniques to catch up with them. Mascara offers a quick solution to an extending issue. A number of approaches are available for making lashes look thicker, longer and healthier.

It is a relief to know that it is possible to make those thin, pale eyelashes look great with the help of these tips and tricks.

Lash Boosters

Looking to do something natural for your eyelashes? The items you need are simple and probably already around the house. Give one or all of these organic eyelash enhancers a go.


Oils like vitamin E, castor, olive and petroleum jelly have beneficial benefits to eyelashes. Take a mascara wand that can be disposed of and dip it in your chosen oil, then spread it on the lashes, from their base up to the tip. Leave it overnight without rubbing anything into your eyes. These oils help nourish the follicle that produces the hair, helping them grow healthier.

Green Tea Bath

An amazing method for lengthy, darker eyelashes is a green tea soak. Create an unsweetened cup of green tea, and wait for it to become lukewarm. Now, dunk a cotton ball in the tea and apply the warm liquid onto your lashes. Green tea has numerous beneficial antioxidants which maintain healthy eyelashes, as well as caffeine and flavonoids which helps aide in new lash growth.


Aloe Vera is a beneficial tonic that will awaken the eyes and maintain thick, black eyelashes. It contains various minerals and vitamins that are good for overall health and promoting the creation of new cells. Furthermore, it is effective in treating dry skin and blotchy patches.

Lash Serums

Numerous different lash serums are available in stores. The formulas of these products focus on boosting and maintaining your lashes’ growth cycle. To give your lashes more thickness, look for a product that contains squalene which can provide your lashes with extra length, body and fullness.

Going the Extra Mile for Great Lashes

Utilizing these natural ingredients and serums on a regular basis is the initial move towards achieving your desired lashes. Amazing eyelashes also require extra care. Don’t neglect to add these unique tricks into your lash routine for optimal results.

Clean Eyelashes

It is essential to clean your eyelash extensions each night. Take off all cosmetics and leftovers from the day. You won’t accept how numerous fine grime particles are found in the air around us. Cleansing your eyelashes each night aids in keeping them healthy.


Gently rubbing the eyelids each night will promote good development by awakening the hair follicles. There’s no need to press hard – just a delicate caress for about a minute should be enough. Doing this while applying a natural oil or aloe is quite convenient.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Much like the hair on your scalp, eyelashes will correspond to the body’s wellness. Vitamins and minerals are essential for further growing and shining of eyelashes. If an individual is not healthy, they will not be able to grow luscious hair. A diet rich in whole grains and healthy carbohydrates is necessary for a healthy functioning body. Additionally, there are plenty of vitamin supplements available to help boost hair growth.

Hot/Cold Packs

Hot-cold eye packs should be used in rotation twice or once a week, with each pack applied for approximately five minutes. Repeat the process multiple times if you wish. Not only will this improve hair regrowth by stimulating the nerve and muscles around the eyes, but it also has an effect of softening wrinkles.

What Not to Do for Longer, Healthier Lashes

If you’re striving for longer eyelashes, there are some steps you should avoid taking. We usually don’t think about the things we do on a daily basis that are damaging to our lash health. Make an effort to consider these activities and evaluate how they influence your lashes.

Don’t Rub Your Eyes

Throughout the hay fever season, it can become difficult to prevent yourself from rubbing your eyes. When feeling exhausted or irritable, you may have the desire to scrub them violently. This is not a good practice as your eyes are fragile, and this could lead to eyelashes falling out or tiny blood vessels rupturing.

Don’t Use Harsh Cleansers and Makeup Removers

Gentle products should always be used when caring for the eyes. Avoid items with parabens or scrubbing beads when selecting makeup remover and night cream. Pulling out eyelashes isn’t the only harm that can be done to your eyes; these ingredients can also bring on premature wrinkles and facial lines.

Don’t Keep False Lashes on for Too Long

Strip eyelashes have been a method of enhancing one’s look since the 1920s and are still a feasible option when someone cannot develop full, long lashes. This technique is available in different shapes, sizes, and densities to produce a distinct style everyday.

False eyelashes are typically secured to the lash line with either glue or a magnetic strip and can be worn multiple times. Though convenient, these kinds of lashes can cause harm and may even enhance chances of losing natural lashes.

Never leave false eyelashes on for extended periods of time. It is important to remove them as soon as possible. Use a gentle cleanser and never pull or tug. You will pull out your own lashes while removing the fake ones. Wait until the cleanser fully dissolves the glue and slide the lash off your lid.

Safe Lash Extensions

If you appear to be doomed for a lackluster lash life and nothing that you have attempted gives results, there is still hope. Lash extensions are an alternative to faux eyelashes and it’s a superbly uncomplicated way to make your gaze look brighter and more defined.

Lash Extensions involve bonding individual lashes to the natural lashes in order to add thickness and length. The adhesive used is harmless and, as it eventually wears off, require regular touch-ups. Compared to false eyelashes, they are less inconvenient and invasive as you don’t need to remove it on a daily basis.

There is an extensive list of materials that lash extensions are available in, such as silk, mink, artificial mink, and other manufactured selections. Customers can also pick their amount of extensions – ranging from 50 to 100 lashes – along with their preferred length and curl. This way, they can attain the look they want.

At Vibrance, our aestheticians can provide lash tinting for a fuller and darker look. Unlike mascara, the effects will last for some weeks. This way, you can get up in the morning with minimal makeup and be ready to face the day.

Your eyelashes emphasize your eyes and can really enhance your appearance. To get the best out of them, create an individual eyelash care regimen.

There is no need to be discouraged if your eyelashes are not very long. There are several strategies that can be used to nurture the growth of healthy new eyelashes and keep them looking cheerful.

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