How to Master Classic and Volume Lash Training in 4 Weeks?

How to Master Classic and Volume Lash Training in 4 Weeks? Courses

Classic and volume lash training can feel intimidating at first but with the right amount of knowledge and techniques you can master it in no time. To get those perfect lashes, mastering this training focuses on patience, precision, practice, and understanding. Keep reading to learn the tips below that will help you link classic and volume lash training in four weeks!

Create a Solid Foundation

It’s important to understand the basics before going into more advanced lash techniques. Make sure to do ample research on classic and volume lashing safety practices, proper isolation methods and manual dexterity exercises prior to your full-day live model application workshop.

Attend Different Lash Training Sessions

If possible, attend multiple classes or workshops during your 4-week period. Learning a variety of techniques from different instructors is key for mastering both classic and volume extensions. Listen actively in class then review any confusing sections once you’re in the comfort of your home.

Practice Proper Sanitation Habits

Sanitation is extremely important when applying eyelash extension services. Not only should salon professionals sanitizing their hands before each session but also sanitize or replace tools between each client using approved solutions like Barbicide or liquid alcohol. Sanitary tools are essential for keeping clients safe as well as ensuring product longevity for both clients and technicians as disposable tools should be used with each appointment instead of resharing any previously used items on other clients!

Follow Up With Your Mentor

Remember, even after attending workshops and learning proper technique initially there may still be difficulty mastering some areas – so don’t hesitate to reach out to mentors if needed! They can provide feedback on any challenging poses that require extra attention of which we all run into from time-to-time when working with difficult placement areas such as crease portion or where natural lashes grow sparsely .

Dedicate Time To Practice On Mannequins Head

As a student technician it’s highly suggested that you practice 3-4 hours per week on an artificial mannequin head so you can further develop stronger hand skills and eye coordination – since these activities are key components success within moneymakers during future appointments once needed certification has been completed successfully! Utilizing this type of dummy head while taking extensive notes will also assist with easier reminders/reviews if ever needing refreshers later down line too; always remember consistently must strive towards continual improvement all day every day consistency goes along way entering any professional field even slightly related beauty industry !

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