How To Grow Eyelashes Naturally?

How To Grow Eyelashes Naturally Tips

You can’t stand it when your significant other has fuller and longer lashes than yours, or you witness a girl who doesn’t require mascara all the time due to her lush eyelashes. It can make you question why life is so biased. Long lashes have the ability to upgrade your look extremely and make your features much more appealing, not to mention how beautiful they appear.

A few fortunate women have long, full eyelashes naturally and then there are those who need to use false lashes, multiple layers of mascara, lash extensions (etc) to get a fuller eyelash look. They will try anything just to not settle for small and limp eyelashes – which is something completely grasps. Fortunately, you’ll be pleased to learn that naturally lengthy lashes can still be accomplished.

If you believed that it was impossible to make your eyelashes longer or fuller, know that is false. There are natural methods you can use to achieve growth in length and volume- and they involve items found right in your kitchen! You don’t have to dream of having show stopping lashes anymore- it can be yours!

If you want to know what it takes to make your eyelashes longer and thicker naturally, here is the information you need.

Why your eyelashes are falling out?

Hereditary factors can lead to having short and thin eyelashes, however there are a lot of other reasons why they may be falling out or getting thinner such as stress, hormone fluctuation, lids being dry and the natural ageing process. Moreover, breakage of lashes may happen from using old/low-grade makeup products, abrasive makeup removal methods and a lacking diet; thinning on the other hand can stem from medical conditions and poor hygiene. Fortunately, you can utilise home remedies to restore your eyelashes so that they become long and fluttery again in no time.

Home remedies to grow eyelashes

Nine natural strategies exist for cultivating thicker, longer and more exciting lashes. Utilize these methods to treat your lashes and get desired results.

Castor oil

A frequently used remedy in the realm of beauty, castor oil has been endorsed by countless people for their normal skincare and hair care. Among its numerous advantages, it is also said to excel at boosting hair growth. Being the quickest solution for improving hair growth, you will experience results five times faster than any other ingredient.

For denser, stronger eyelashes and to forestall them from falling out, utilize castor oil day by day. Blend several drops of castor oil with coconut oil and evenly apply it to the lashes utilizing a cotton tip. Do this consistently prior to turning in for the night and wash off in the morning.

Green tea

Green tea, a popular ingredient cherished for its abundance of health and beauty benefits, has another benefit to bring to the table. Studies have found that consuming green tea or applying it directly can be an effective way to boost hair growth and improve the health of your lashes. Components in green tea like flavonoids, polyphenols called epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), helps promote lash length as well as volume. Try drinking it on a daily basis or placing the teabag over your lids; not only will it cultivate healthier eyelashes, your tired eyes will also get a gentle treatment. If that’s too high maintenance for you, simple dip cotton swab into some cooled down cup of green tea and dab it onto your lashes regularly.

Olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil is a fantastic way of achieving remarkable eyelashes. It contains essential fatty acids that have been known to support hair growth, while also avoiding lash loss. As well as making your skin look amazing and improving the health of your hair, it’s an excellent method for having terrific lashes. Utilize a cotton swab along with the olive oil, rubbing it onto your eyelashes. By doing this, you’ll remain hydrated in the area, complimenting the strength of follicles and enabling your lashes to heighten in length and thickness.

Petroleum jelly

Applying Vaseline petroleum jelly to the lash lines is beneficial to the speed at which lashes grow. Additionally, this helps keep the lid area hydrated and supple for general eyelash wellness. Get a clean mascara wand and spread some of the jelly on it, then go over both your upper and lower lashes daily for optimal growth. It may also be advantageous to use petroleum jelly prior to applying mascara – this reduces brittleness in the lashes and allows makeup to come off with one gentle pull.

Vitamin E oil

A reliable way to cultivate longer eyelashes is by treating them with Vitamin E oil- a secret that the Kardashian sisters have acknowledged to utilizing in order to thicken their eyebrows and extend their lashes. This natural booster not only promotes hair growth, but also fortifies the lashes, shielding them from injury or breakage. Through gentle massaging, one can achieve thicker lashes with this beneficial oil.

To take out the oil from a Vitamin E capsule, break it open. Gently massage your eyelids for 5-10 minutes with your fingertips, then apply a little bit of the oil to your lashes on a daily basis. This helps increase the blood flow which in turn promotes better lash growth. Alternatively, use a spoolie brush and dip it in the oil. Before going to bed each night, brush up between your lash hairs using slow strokes and make sure to rinse off in the morning.

Shea butter

Shea butter is an incredible natural moisturizer, providing the perfect pick me up to assist your lashes grow healthily and elongated. Containing Vitamin C, it has many additional antioxidant benefits; shielding from free radical damage in the environment and stimulating collagen production. All of these advantages combineto augment strength and thickness of your eyelashes, creating a safe atmosphere for them to develop long and healthy.

Coconut oil

An excellent home solution for thin and weak eyelashes is coconut oil. This natural oil is exceedingly gentle, which causes it to be wholly safe to be put onto the fragile eye area and not cause any uneasiness. The hydrating features of coconut oil aids in holding the protein within your lash line preventing frail lashes from falling. To make use of this oil, dip a clean mascara brush into some organic coconut oil and put it on your lashes.

Eye massages

As necessary as it is for you to massage your scalp regularly in order to avert hair loss, strengthen the roots, and ensure healthier hair growth, a similar concept applies to your eyelashes as well. Spending around one or two minutes twice daily massaging the eye area while applying eye cream has several advantageous effects. These include enhanced blood circulation, which is incredibly vital for having thick, lengthy and strong eyelashes.

Biotin supplements

If none of the aforementioned solutions help to enhance eyelash growth, it is then advised to consult a doctor and take biotin supplements. It has been suggested that biotin insufficiency may be a major contributor to hair loss, which includes eyebrow and eyelash shedding. By taking these supplements, eyelashes will eventually become thicker and take on an appearance of length and strength.

5 useful tips to care for eyelashes

Handle with care

Handle the skin and eyelashes near your eyes tenderly as you are taking off your makeup. Rather than rubbing the makeup remover roughly, gently dab and swipe to rid yourself of the cosmetics. Hostile rubbing of the eyes is a leading cause of eyelashes being lost.

Never sleep with eye makeup on

Nodding off with eye cosmetics can damage your sight in more manners than you realize. In addition to causing dark spots, skin inflammation and other skin problems, it can make your eyelash hairs feeble and fragile.

Use good eye makeup products

It is essential not to take chances when it comes to appeal items. Seeking a reliable label and making sure the mascara is in good shape before you use it. Utilizing old mascara can negatively impact the display of your eyelashes, leading them to be brittler and pass off more easily.

Careful with the eyelash tools

Advice to heed when wielding lash tools like falsies and eyelash curlers should be taken very seriously. After mascara has been applied, refrain from using an eyelash curler as wet lashes are more prone to breaking off. Furthermore, when removing falsies, be gentle and use a cleanser to ensure all of the lash glue is removed; otherwise, it could dry out the lash line.

Eat healthily

Include foods rich in nutrients that promote hair growth such as omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin A, vitamin B5, iron and beta carotene. Foods like garlic, fish and green leafy vegetables have proven to stimulate lash growth.

Are eyelash serums good or bad?

In recent times, eyelash serums have become incredibly popular and it is clear why this is. Much like facial serums, these contain a variety of active components that work to defend your lashes and encourage them to be fuller and healthier. Formulated with a mixture of valuable vitamins, oils and nutrients, the lightweight texture of these products makes them easy to absorb into the follicle without irritation. Additionally, featuring amazing hair-improving ingredients, eyelash serums offer an efficient and dependable approach for improving weak, thin or sparse lashes.

Hence, if you are dealing with difficulties associated with your eyelashes, we would strongly recommend you to purchase a superior eyelash serum for lashes that are denser, thicker and longer.

Frequently asked questions about eyelashes

Which oil is best for eyelashes?

Castor oil is the top choice for eyelash development. It is laden with natural oils and essential fatty acids, nourishing and moisturizing lashes to stop them from dropping. Before getting into bed, gently use a Q-tip to put a small amount of castor oil on your lashes – you will soon see your lashes become longer and stronger in a very small amount of time.

Is it normal to lose eyelashes every day?

Is it normal to be losing eyelashes? Comparable to the hair growth cycle, eyelashes also have a cycle which leads to losing a few per day. Generally speaking, shedding one to four lashes is normal but may vary depending on how well your lash care routine is observed and the health of your lashes.

Do lash extensions damage your natural lashes?

Due to contemporary technology, acquiring eyelash extension has now grown safer than it was previously. To guarantee your eyelashes aren’t ruined, it is advised to obtain eyelash extensions occasionally while carrying out appropriate care. But if you frequently opt for really thick and long lashes, then the mass from the eyelash extensions might possibly cause irreversible harm and cause them to shed out.
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