Essential Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Lash Artist

Essential Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Lash Artist Tips

Choosing the right lash artist is essential if you want your lash extensions to look great. With so many different things to consider, such as the artist’s experience, type of lashes used, and cost of services, it can be hard to know where to begin. To make sure that you get the perfect lashes and a great experience overall, here are some essential questions to ask before choosing a lash artist:

1. What kind of training do you have?

The most important thing when searching for a reliable and skilled lash artist is their level of training. Ask them about their certifications, experience, industry affiliations, and continuing education programs. A good lash artist should be able to provide evidence of their qualifications and professional development activities.

2. What types of products do you use?

Make sure the artist uses quality lash products specifically designed for eyelash extensions. Ask them what brands they use and if they offer different sizes or curl shapes that complement your natural eye shape. Products such as glue remover or paint thinner should also be avoided – these can cause damage to your natural lashes!

3. How long will my lashes last?

A reputable lash artist should be able to give you an estimate on how long your new lashed will stay in place looking good until it’s time for a fill-up appointment (eye lash maintenance & refills). Depending on the specific product and care instructions given by the technician/artist constructing it, full sets can last up to 8 weeks with proper at-home-care from patients between appointments/fill ups .

4. Are there any special instructions I should follow before my appointment?

From prepping your face with makeup remover prior to arrival, taking out contacts , wearing minimal mascara etc – make sure you discuss any necessary guidelines prior – this way you ensure both satisfaction and safety during your session 😊👌🏼

5. What are your payment terms?

Discussing pricing is essential before committing to choose a particular technician or salon as well since each has its own set fees either per set/unit or with packages offered involving commission rates; cash vs credit cards preferred etc— Be sure to inquire first!

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