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If you’re looking for a unique and creative way to

Are you a beauty enthusiast looking to master the art of lash extensions? Or perhaps you’re already a lash professional and want to take your skills to the next level? If so, then HIT Lashes Volume Course is for you. This comprehensive program teaches everything about volume lashing – from basic technique and product knowledge to troubleshooting and design.

HIT Lashes has designed their curriculum around both classic and volume extension techniques in addition to brow mapping, eye insulation, and extending techniques. The courses range from $399 – $599 depending on location, duration and materials covered within the course.

One of the best ways to learn about lashes is through online training programs which offer video-led instruction as well as detailed eBooks with ongoing support from HIT Lashes 3D team. In addition, they offer an advanced curriculum that covers everything from fundamental application skills to styling tips for unique looks or even perfecting retention techniques.

The course begins with the fundamentals: the anatomy of lashes (how long they last, color options, etc.), demographics (allergic reactions or sensitives) and structure/health before delving into designing sets that fit facial features as well as eye shapes; selecting products such as glue type, thickness, length etc; adhering to safety protocols such as sanitation methods & sterile work areas; accessing customer versatility preferences among different ethnicities & genders; carrying out fill services; marketing strategies & more!

By mastering these modules you’ll be able to confidently consult clients on styles suited for their face shape & skin tone while also recommending aftercare practices upon completion of each service session. You’ll also be equipped with insurances & business licenses available when setting up shop – this will help build trust among new potential customers by having clear credentials displayed throughout your website & social media channels. Finally just like any profession continuing education is key providing students access into refresher courses every two years in order keep current licenses active!