Eyelash Growth Cycle

eyelash growth

Not all of us are born with beautiful eyes but we all want them and will spend time each day and a considerable amount of money on makeup and enhancements, trying to give the eyes that wow factor. It’s not all about the eyes though, the eyelashes can draw attention to the eyes themselves. Long and thick eyelashes are used to frame the eyes, highlight the natural eye contours and make them look more attractive. Thus, it is not a surprise that most people who were born with short eyelashes employ different tricks to make them look longer and thicker. Mascaras, extensions, and artificial lashes are just some of these.

However, eyelashes are not there just to beautify the face. Their main purpose is to protect the eyes from extreme light, dust, and other debris that could harm the pupils. On the average, each upper eyelid has about 150 lashes and this does not increase as people grow older. The number of hair follicles on your eyelid when you were born will remain the same. Some people are fortunate to have thick lower lashes as well, but the number of lashes on the lower lid is normally half as many as those on the upper lid.

The hair on your scalp is not entirely the same as those in your lashes. They are similar in the sense that they are both terminal hairs, making them coarser and more pigmented than other hairs on your body. However, unlike the hair on your scalp, lashes do not turn gray, they lack an arrector pili muscle, and they are not affected by androgens.

The growth of the human hair, including the lashes, is asynchronous. This means that follicles do not grow or stay dormant simultaneously. The growth cycle consists of three stages, namely the anagen, catagen, and telogen. Depending on the location of the hair on the body, each has different lengths of cycles and stages. For the eyelashes, its complete lifecycle can last from five to eleven months.

  • Anagen – This is the growing phase, which lasts for about two months. In this phase, melagonesis also happens along with the pigmentation of the hair shaft. Since this is the growing phase, its duration will significantly affect the final length of the hair.
  • Catagen – This is the transition stage, which lasts for about 15 days. Here is where the follicles start to be programmed for cell death, a process called apoptosis.
  • Telogen – Nothing really happens during this stage, thus it is called the resting phase. The hair has already reached its optimal growth, so it just waits to be shed as a new hair starts it anagen phase. This stage could range from four to nine months.

eyelash growth cycle

The said cycle of the eyelash is very different to the life cycle of scalp hair, which could last for years. The growing phase of the scalp hair alone could take up to seven years and then stays on the head for several more. Another difference between scalp hair and eyelashes is the growth rate, with scalp hair growing twice as long per day compared to lashes.

With this information, you now know that eyelashes have a far different cycle from scalp hair so be careful not to try hair growth treatments on your lashes. Not only can they have an adverse effect, they could also harm your eyes.

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